8 Unforgettable Shows You Can Catch In Lebanese Theatres This Month

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We all need a break from electronic screens once in a while, and what better way to do so than to bask in the charm of a live performance?

There’s something magical about watching actors bring a story to life right in front of your eyes – it’s a transformative experience that can make you feel completely absorbed in the moment.

Whether you’re in the mood for a good laugh, a moving tragedy, or a thought-provoking examination of the human condition, these eight live performances happening in Lebanon this March are a must-see.

Get ready to be enchanted and captivated by the power of live theatre!

Rahil El Farashat

Le Monnot Theatre is bringing a captivating new play to the stage on March 2nd, featuring two sisters who find themselves trapped in the attic of a house.

As they sift through their old possessions, long-buried memories come flooding back, stirring up nostalgia and unspoken tension between them.

But things take a dramatic turn when the sisters decide to confront their past and finally address the issues that have been holding them back.

With secrets exposed and true personalities revealed, the question remains: will they ever find common ground?

Don’t miss out on this powerful and thought-provoking play, with tickets priced at $15 or $25 depending on the seats, and a discount available for students.

For more info: 71 000 269

O Anna

Get ready to delve into the fascinating world of psychology with “Anna O.,” a play based on the true story of a woman who suffered from mental disturbances and sought the help of Doctor Josef Breuer.

Diagnosed with hysteria, Anna O.’s case was brought to the attention of the legendary Sigmund Freud, who used a pseudonym to protect her identity. “Anna O.” is a co-creation of the famous book “Studies On Hysteria” written by Breuer and Freud.

Don’t miss the chance to witness this gripping tale brought to life on stage at Le Monnot Theatre on March 2nd, with tickets priced at $15 or just $10 for groups of 5 or more and students.

For more info: 81 233 144.

Moujaddara Hamra

Get ready for an evening of raw and authentic storytelling with “Moujaddara Hamra,” a captivating play that has enjoyed great success in previous years and is now back by popular demand.

Starring the incredible actress Anjo Rihane, “Moujaddara Hamra” centers around three women – Maryam, Souad, and Wattam – who hail from Nabatieh city in the south and currently reside in the southern suburbs.

Through their experiences with marriage, divorce, child-rearing, cuisine, and society, they weave a compelling tale of life’s struggles and triumphs.

Experience the power of this authentic performance on March 7th, 21st, and 28th at Le Monnot Theatre, with tickets ranging from $10 to $20.

For more info: 70 912 711

Dayman Tosh

Get ready to laugh and learn with “Classroom Chronicles,” a play that takes place in a school classroom and features two teachers, a principal, and five misbehaving students who turn out to have more to them than meets the eye.

Through a comedic lens, these students raise important social issues and hope to convey to both their teachers and the audience the significance of valuing their country, protecting its culture, and reflecting on Lebanon’s rich history.

Don’t miss out on this hilarious and thought-provoking play, playing on March 14th and 15th at Masrah Al Madina. Tickets are available for either 350,000LL or 400,000LL, depending on the seat.

For more info: 71 550 932.


Get ready to witness a powerful and thought-provoking story of one woman’s journey to self-discovery with “Amal’s Imaginary Neighbor,” a play that sheds light on the struggles that women in Lebanon face when initiating a divorce.

After years of playing the perfect housewife, Amal finally decides to put herself first and cast off her apron, but in a society where ending a marriage is seen as dishonorable, she finds herself facing an uphill battle.

As she confides in her imaginary neighbor, Amal shares her perspectives on life, love, relationships, family, and education.

But when her son’s birthday brings her fragmented family together – including her ex-husband, his new fiancée, the ex-mother-in-law, and their children – Amal must navigate the complex dynamics and confront the question of where she fits into this family portrait and society at large.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Amal’s Imaginary Neighbor” on March 16th, continuing until March 19th at Le Monnot Theatre.

Tickets for the performance range between $10 to $30.


Get ready to embark on a journey of spiritual awakening and mindfulness with “Being,” a captivating play that explores the discord that arises from a state of unconsciousness.

Through the voyage of a fictional character who is a complete being in themselves, the dance performance invites us to reflect on our own lives and the ways in which we often spend more time worrying than simply being present in the moment.

Don’t miss the premiere of this mesmerizing and thought-provoking performance on March 23rd, continuing for another 7 days at Le Monnot theatre. Tickets are available for $10 or $15, depending on the seats.

Habibet Albi Enti

Get ready for a wild and provocative ride with “My sweetheart, you,” a spicy dark comedy that will have you questioning everything you know about desire and power.

Premiering on April 20th at Le Monnot theatre, “My sweetheart, you” follows the story of a man who wakes up in a bed, bound and blindfolded by a woman who adamantly refuses to set him free.

As the plot unfolds, we’re left wondering whether this scenario is driven by a deep-seated sadistic impulse or if there may be an alternative underlying motivation.

Intended for audiences 18 years or older, “My sweetheart, you” is a must-see performance that will leave you questioning the limits of desire and the nature of power.

Tickets are available for $12 or $15, or you can support the production with a $25 ticket.

Rayhin Jeyin

Get ready for a hilarious and chaotic ride with “Boeing Boeing,” a play that follows the shenanigans of an architect named Bernard, who lives with not one, not two, but three fiancées who have no idea about each other’s existence.

With the help of his live-in maid, Wadad, Bernard manages to keep the charade going until all three women return home on the same day, leading to a series of comical mishaps and madcap adventures.

Will Bernard be able to keep up the ruse, or will his carefully crafted scheme come crashing down? Find out on May 18th when “Boeing Boeing” debuts at Le Monnot theatre.

Prices for the show range between $10 to $30.

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