Lockdown: How To Get Permission To Go Out In Lebanon

Lockdown How To Get Permission To Go Out In Lebanon
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Earlier this year, Lebanon launched an online platform that gives people permission to go out for necessary activities during lockdown curfews.

It requires filling in a form that gets submitted for review before the applicant is granted mobility permission under a set time limit, or denied the request.

Here’s how to file an application:

How to Apply for Permission to Go Out in Lebanon

  1. Go to the dedicated governmental (IMPACT) webpage.
  2. Select “Form for individuals subject to lockdown decision.” (If you fall under the category of individuals exempt from the lockdown, select “Form for individuals excluded from lockdown decision.”)
  3. Enter the required information, which includes your name, mobile number, address, as well as the expected mobility date and time, and check the small box at the end of the form.
  4. Perform the CAPTCHA, then click “send.”

Alternative Method: SMS

This method was announced when the mobility permission website was launched in January. It can be particularly useful when there is a poor (or no) internet connection.

Send an SMS to 1120 containing your full name, the district you’re in, and the reason for your permission request, denoted by one of the following numbers, from 1-17:

  • 1: Bakery.
  • 2: Pharmacy.
  • 3: Medical clinic or laboratory.
  • 4: Hospital.
  • 5: Agricultural or veterinary pharmacy.
  • 6: Veterinary clinic.
  • 7: Distribution center (purchasing a newspaper or magazine).
  • 8: Money exchange and transfer office.
  • 9: Shipping and clearance company.
  • 10: Insurance – Social Security – Cooperative of Government Employees – Guarantor company.
  • 11: Gas station.
  • 12: Application center for travel visas approved by foreign embassies in Lebanon.
  • 13: Gas filling and distribution company or station.
  • 14: The airport, to drop off or pick up a traveler.
  • 15: Hotel and furnished apartments.
  • 16: Funeral.
  • 17: Other – specify.

It’s important to note that the permit is provided for a specific duration, dependent on the reason provided in the form, after which it is no longer valid.

The dedicated webpage, accessible here, also includes an option for companies and institutions to request permission, as well as a registration form for traveler quarantine follow-up procedures.

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