London Man’s Review of Lebanese Restaurants Is Going Viral (Video)


In an engaging video that’s capturing attention online, a London man embarked on a flavorful journey to review two branches of “Lebanese Grill” – one in North London and the other in South London.

The video opens with the North London location. With an air of anticipation, the reviewer steps inside, immediately praising the inviting interior and tantalizing aromas, exclaiming, “It’s smelling too good, bruh.”

His enthusiasm escalates as he samples the cuisine, lauding the sensory delight with “this smells sensational.” The first bite seals his approval, earning a high score of 9/10.

Then he checks out the South London branch. Despite a longer line, the service impresses with its swiftness. Here, though he enjoys the meal, it falls short of the lofty standard set by its northern counterpart.

Acknowledging its quality, he still feels it can’t surpass the first experience, rating it a respectable 7.5/10.

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