Yet Again, Lebanese People Wait In Long Queues At Bakeries

El Nashra

On Tuesday morning, people in Beirut, its surrounding areas, and North Lebanon stood in long queues at bakeries, waiting to buy the now sparse bread loaves.

According to local reports, people at the Wooden Bakery in Hazmieh waited for hours to buy bread. The bakeries claim that they have increased their production, but it is still not enough to provide for everyone. 

Similarly in Akkar and Tripoli, long lines formed in front of bakeries. Some individuals are reportedly taking advantage of the situation to buy bread bundles and resell them for a higher price on the black market.

In a press conference issued on Monday, Ali Ibrahim, the head of the bakery owners’ syndicate, expressed his worry and the urgency regarding the dwindling wheat supplies in Lebanon.

The Central Bank of Lebanon hasn’t yet covered the costs of importing wheat shipments and this is affecting flour mills in the country. In some areas, bakeries have suspended their work because they are not receiving flour from mills.

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