Los Angeles City Hall Lit Up In The Colors Of The Lebanese Flag

Mayor Eric Garcetti | @NabeelYakzan

On August 4, 2022, the Lebanese people in Lebanon and abroad mobilized in solidarity with the Beirut port explosion‘s victims and survivors.

For the second year in a row, the Lebanese people are still demanding justice and a transparent probe into the blast that destroyed Beirut and which is still affecting the lives of many suffering from physical and mental injuries.

To ask for the truth, Lebanese expatriates also took the streets to stand by the families of the victims and by their homeland, Lebanon.

Hence, Los Angeles City Hall was lit up in the colors of the Lebanese flag to pay tribute to those affected by the August 4 explosion, and to stand by “justice and liberation,” and “love for the souls we lost on this day two years ago.”

According to an L.A. resident on social media, the City Hall hasn’t lit up for a long time until that day.

Posting the photos on Instagram, she commented, “City hall lights up for the first time in a long time” asking “What does this mean? Which country’s flag color is it?”

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