15 Love Songs By Lebanese Artists For Your Valentine’s Day Playlist

Lea Makhoul | Massari

Valentine’s Day cannot just roll without filling the air with love songs. Sure, we listen to those all time of the year. After all, love has been chanted since the onset of humanity (Adam and Eve must have had theirs, you can bet on it!) and it is also the most sang subject in music repertories.

Happy songs, sad songs, nostalgic songs, longing songs, songs of prayers, cheerful songs, love betrayal songs, vows songs, and you name it.

So let’s make it easy for you and give you some beautiful love songs by Lebanese artists for you to prepare your playlist for V-Day.

#1 À Nous – Anthony Touma and Lea Makhoul

À Nous (To Us) is a song released by French-Lebanese Lea Makhoul and Anthony Touma. This song is perfect to listen to with your babe this V-Day.

#2 Bhebak Ana – Azeem and Yara Korkomaz

Bhebak Ana (I love you) by Azeem and Yara Korkomaz is the perfect song to jam with the very romantic lyrics and soothing beat.

#3 Albi Ya Albi – Nancy Ajram

Nothing is more romantic than listening to Nancy Ajram’s song Albi Ya Albi and getting soothed by the tunes of her amazing voice.

#4 Ma3 Ba3ed – Amani El Nouri and Wissam Al Rached

Ma3 Ba3ed (Together) by the couple/singer Amani El Nouri and Wissam Al Rached is perfect for fans of the Arabic EDM genre.

#5 Done Looking For Love – Rodge

Rodge’s Done Looking For Love describes the intense feeling of being in love and the beat makes it better. You will surely enjoy this song dancing with your date.

#6 Chou Wadou Albak – Maribel Maalouf

Maribel Maalouf, a new and young Lebanese singer, sings to the heart of her lover in this song Chou Wadou Albak (“What’s the status of your heart”), which she released late last year. It is a joyful and romantic song of love.

#7 Be Mine – Massari

An amazing love song by our own Lebanese-Canadian singer Massari singing in both English and Lebanese to declare his love to his lady. Beautiful lyrics and music that pulsate alternating the velvety and the lively.

The video clip has been a hit since he uploaded it in February 2021, garnering near to 3M views since then.

#8 I Love You Baby X Ayshalak – Laury Haddad

You will love this new adaptation of the timeless song “I love you, baby” mashed up with a song of Lebanese/Arabic lyrics. It is performed by the young Lebanese singer Laury Haddad.

#9 Perfect – Charbel Kiwan

A perfect song for slow dancing with your loved one or to dream about it, Charbel Kiwan’s cover of Perfect will take you to the clouds with his exceptional voice intoning the amazing lyrics. You don’t want to miss this one on your Valentine’s playlist!

#10 Haydi Habibit Albi – Ziad Bourji

Haydi Habibit Albi (“This one is the love of my heart”) is a newly released upbeat and oriental song. You’ll love the energizing lyrics and the oriental beats.

#11 Habibi – Carla Chamoun

Carla Chamoun’s romantic and passionate song Habibi is a marvelous song to listen to on this romantic occasion.

#12 Yemkin Boukra – George Nehme

If you love classic orchestral music with Lebanese lyrics, Yemkin Boukra (“Maybe tomorrow”) is a song to listen to and slow dance at its tunes in your Valentine’s arms.

#13 Ya Nour El Ein – Massari (feat. Maya Diab & French Montana)

A very upbeat oriental and rap love song for those wanting to party on Valentine, this mashup of the famous Ya Nour El Ein is to be added to your playlist. It’s performed by Massari, Maya Diab, and French Montana, and will surely bring you on your feet dancing.

#14 Ya Hilwe (Dance With Me Now) – Karl Wolf (ft. Sandy)

Our own Lebanese-Canadian Karl Wolf sings to his “beauty” in this very upbeat song, telling her she stole his heart and inviting her to dance with him now.

Romance, love declaration, and dance rhythm combine, with English and Lebanese lyrics, to make this exceptional song, featuring Sandy, a must-add to your Valentine’s playlist. The song premiered several months ago, in June 2021.

#15 Rocking Chair – Yara Lapidus (ft Thomas Monica) 

And because Life deserves a love song, we won’t miss this newly released one by Lebanese-French singer Yara Lapidus with her mesmerizing sensuous voice and just the right beats to have your heart dance with appreciation and hope.

As Yara commented on this song, “Life is a big bunch of flowers followed by a slap …followed by two huge bunches of flowers …then another slap …you have to live always in hope of the bunch and try to avoid the slap!”

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