The Lebanese Red Cross Supported Almost 10,000 Families So Far Since August

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In a touching video released by the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC), the humanitarian organization showcased how they were able to support almost 10,000 families ever since the biggest non-nuclear blast in history hit Beirut’s port.

“In response to the Beirut Port explosion, the Lebanese Red Cross committed to support 10,000 families,” the LRC wrote. “By the 20th of November, the Lebanese Red Cross provided that aid to 9,800 families, we are continuing our efforts to identify and support the most vulnerable families.”

However, it doesn’t stop there. The LRC pledged to provide direct financial assistance of $300 per month, for a period of 7 months, to at least 10,000 of the most vulnerable affected families.

This basic assistance is meant to help the families address their priority needs, such as food, medication, winterization, and healthcare.

In the video, the audience sees LRC keeping up with their word, as volunteers conducted door to door household assessments within the area most affected by the blast.

Over 12,000 household assessments have been completed to date, with around 500 more being completed every day. Based on this, LRC applied selection criteria and chose the families that are in dire need of financial help.

After the selection process was finalized, LRC went again from household to household to give each selected family a package that consists of a bank card, the pin code, a letter from the LRC, and a flyer explaining the process.

The families will be able to withdraw the donated money in USD, given that LRC is completely transparent with its received contributions from donors.

“We also established a 24/7 hotline for people to be able to call us at anytime for support, feedback, and complaints,” one of the Red Cross volunteer explained. “We have 22 volunteers managing the hotline, and they are receiving 900 calls per day.”

“The biggest challenge we are facing on the hotline is the high number of calls, which is why we are working on expanding the capacity to be able to answer all calls,” the volunteer added, emphasizing that the LRC’s objective is focused on helping as many people as possible.

LRC’s support came at the right time, as Lebanon plunges ever further into its severe economic crisis with no deliberate effective action being taken by authorities.

Even though the focus is now on the 4th of August explosion and its repercussions, LRC is also impacted by the COVID19 crisis, the economic crisis, and the Syrian refugee crisis. So, the organization needs all the help it can get.

To help, please visit the Lebanese Red Cross website where you’ll find detailed instructions on how you can contribute to support.

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