Photo Of Red Cross Volunteer Holding Baby Who Just Lost Her Parents

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On Sunday, December 6th, a heartbreaking picture with a heartbreaking story behind it circled the internet.

It made several people emotional and weighed heavy on the hearts of thousands of people. This picture is of a Lebanese Red Cross volunteer holding tightly a recently orphaned child to give her some reassurance amid the drama she just lived… and is about to live without her parents.

In detail, this baby girl got in a horrible car accident with her parents on Saturday night. Both her mom and her dad passed away but she survived… only because her mother shielded her with her body.

The accident took place on the Al-Asad highway in Beirut leading to South Lebanon.

YASA for Road Safety shared the story along with pictures on Twitter, asking those able to help the child to take action, and the tweets got a lot of responses.

People shared their thoughts, their condolences, and expressed their sorrows. Someone even posted the last picture of the little happy family together before the tragedy.

But most of all, people praised the young man who is in the picture, the LRC volunteer who remained strong and sympathetic towards the traumatized girl.

They called the volunteers “our heroes” and wished that this little girls encounters more people like the one protecting her in the picture.

While the cause of the accident is unknown to us, such heartbreaking news must be an awakening call to all citizens to drive safely and be conscious that the roads are shared by other drivers.

It took an instant for this baby to lose both her parents and be propelled into the harsh existence of an orphan. An innocent child whose parents were just snatched away from her without her even capable to understand. It is indeed heartbreaking.

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