Meet Luciana Zogbi, A Lebanese-Brazilian YouTuber With Over 300M Views

Luciana Zogbi

She’s young and beautiful, she exudes a dazzling personality, she has a soft yet powerful voice, and she stands out with a unique style that is so… her.

Her YouTube channel is already recording a total of 309,495,070 views, ranking #24 in popularity among Youtube Singers.

Her name is Luciana Zogbi, a Lebanese-Brazilian rising star, who started her career on YouTube, attracting over 2.69 million subscribers so far, and more than 360,000 followers on Instagram.

Born in Sao Paolo in 1994, Zogbi was influenced by both the Lebanese and the Brazilian cultures, according to The Famous People.

Interestingly enough, Zoghbi has relied on her own talents and social media platforms to launch her own career and develop into a worldwide popular singer.

This young musical artist, who just turned 26 in October, is not only a singer but also a songwriter and composer and is occasionally seen playing instruments in her music videos – emphasizing her multi-talent.

Her music genre pertains to indie and her music videos have a very homey feel to them, making her fans feel connected to her. The music she produces is mostly inspired by her trips and experiences of places she’s been.

For example, her new single “Down by the River” was written after her trip to Greece. About it, she told PopCrave in an interview, “According to Greek mythology, Charon carries the souls of the newly deceased across the river that divides the world of the living and the dead.”

“A coin to pay Charon for passage was put in or on the mouth of the dead during burial. If they were buried without one, they were doomed to roam the river shore for 100 years. This song is about one of these unfortunate souls who gets stuck in limbo.”

Luciana Zogbi originally used to perform in local cafés in Sao Paulo, Brazil, before she began to post her music on YouTube.

She became a sensation when she was barely 20 years old with her cover of the song “All of Me” by John Legend, which alone has 106 million views, won by her soft and powerful angelic voice.

Zoghbi tends to show the creation of her music in her videos through scenes of her clapping her hands and playing certain instruments.

Luciana continues to produce music as her stardom increases, standing out in her genre with her uniqueness and also with her spirited personality that makes her close to her fans.

In fact, Zogbi might be a rising star but she isn’t inaccessible to her fans. She engages with them on her social media pages and takes feedback from them on her performances. She also asks them for ideas for her upcoming songs!

And here’s a vlog she did during one of her visits to Lebanon:

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