Lunar eclipse to be visible in Lebanon this evening!

On January 31, a lunar eclipse will appear in the morning in the Western Hemisphere and the evening in the Eastern Hemisphere as the moon rises. This phenomenon, which is also known as Super Blue Blood Moon, hasn’t happened in 152 years. A blue moon is when two full moons happen in the same month. Lunar eclipses happen when the moon passes behind the Earth into its shadow. The Blood Moon occurs when the moon is passing between the Earth and the sun. On this day, some parts of the world will witness these three phenomena happen all at once! Lebanese people will be able to see only the lunar eclipse according to a


. People in Tripoli, Baalbek, Zahle will see a partial lunar eclipse while those in Beirut and Sidon will be able to watch a penumbral lunar eclipse. You can view it safely without using protective eyewear. These events will occur around 5 PM. Check this


for more information about times and duration.

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