President Macron Just Presented Fairouz With France’s Legion Of Honor

Macron Visited Fairouz And Exchanged Presents With Her

The first house that the French President stepped foot in upon his arrival in Lebanon was perhaps one of the most famous residences in all of Lebanon; none other than the house of Fairouz.

In Rabieh, swarms of journalists followed Emmanuel Macron and his entourage as he approached the gateway of the famous home, wherein Lebanon’s “Ambassador to the Stars” guarded her valued privacy.

Macron, armed with a bouquet of flowers, stayed in the house for around an hour and a quarter.

When he came out, the massive gathering of people, including protesters unimpressed by the newly-designated prime minister, was still awaiting him, eagerly scanning the entrance to the house with hopes to see Fairouz emerge from it.

However, and unsurprisingly, the 85-year-old kept to herself and remained inside. Nonetheless, Macron’s exit from the house did attract more attention and curiosity than his entrance did.

For one thing, his bodyguards were seen carrying a large squared object that was later found to be a painting presented to him by Fairouz.

In turn, Macron had presented the iconic singer with the Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur (Legion of Honor), the highest French order of merit — in addition to the flowers.

Outside, he briefly spoke to the reporters, describing the meeting as “very beautiful, very strong” and explaining that it invoked a sense of nostalgia for him to meet Fairouz, whom he said embodied “the stories of love.”

As to the angry protesters chanting “Adib no,” among similar slogans, Macron approached them and said: “It is not I who named the Prime Minister, but the political forces in your country.”

He also assured them, “I promise you. I won’t leave you,” stressing that he would do everything so that the necessary reforms to rescue Lebanon are implemented.

On that note, the French President is set to meet with various Lebanese politicians throughout his visit as he pushes for the serious implementation of reforms in crisis-stricken Lebanon on the 100th anniversary of the declaration of Greater Lebanon.

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