President Macron Plans To Support Lebanon Even Without A New Government

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On Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that he was working on a “financial mechanism” to make sure that vital public services in Lebanon can continue to operate as the country’s crises worsen.

“We are technically working with several partners in the international community so that. at some point, if the absence of government persisted, we could succeed in preserving a system under international constraint, which would then allow the funding of essential activities and support for the Lebanese people,” he said in a conference.

Macron as well as the international community have been on hold for months for a new government in Lebanon in order to unlock billions in financial support.

However, 10 months through and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri and President Michel Aoun persist in disagreeing over the formation of the Cabinet while the crises have dramatically worsened, politically, economically, financially, and socially.

With no solution from the Lebanese state in sight, Macron is now considering a plan to financially support to help the people who, after all, are the ones paying the heavy price.

He asserted that he would continue to pressure parties in Lebanon to bring about a new government that would implement needed reforms.

He insisted that he “remains invested” in Lebanon but said that he could not replace “those who hold the system with all its defects and its imbalances.”

“I hope that the spirit of responsibility that has been lacking for several months will start. The people deserve it,” he said.

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