Madonna Used Fairouz’s Prayer Hymn During “Satanic Ritual” Scene In Her Concert, And People Are Mad

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During her concert at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, the 65-year-old American singer, Madonna performed the remix featured on the maxi-single of “Justify My Love,” titled “The Beast Within.”

In the opening and background, she played a distorted version of Fairouz’s, Lebanese icon, prayer hymn “Al Yawm Oulliqa Aala Khashaba.”

The video sparked wide commentary online due to the satanic-ritual-like performance during the concert:

@pharmgirl217 #cancelhollywood My friend called me and said she was going to a #Madonna concert. I asked her why, didnt she know all concerts are #rituals? She was like shut up, no way. Then she’s sending me these videos. Stop buying tickets. to this bs you guys. You cant be this naive. Now is not the time to be ignorant, the rest of the world knows, and we’re calling you all out. No more hiding here. #diddy ♬ original sound – pharmgirl

More so the use of Fairouz‘s prayer hymn narrates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The association is considered offensive and blasphemous, especially given the significance of the Easter chant, traditionally played on Good Friday during the Holy Week we’re currently in.

One concert attendee, posting on a local Dallas page said how she and others walked out and left the concert in protest for what she said was a “satanic ritual.”

People across the internet are calling Madonna out for her blasphemous and disrespectful actions.

This incident reignited memories of Madonna’s past use of “Uliqa ‘Ala Khashaba” in her album “Erotica”, leading to outrage and legal action from Fairouz in the 1990s. Madonna settled out of court for $2.5 million

She has also been banned from entering Lebanon.

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