Suspects Caught Growing Magic Mushrooms In Lebanon

Man Caught Growing Magic Mushrooms For First Time In Lebanon
Twitter/Internal Security Forces

Security forces arrested a man for growing psilocybin mushrooms, commonly known as magic mushrooms, and which is a first in Lebanon.

After receiving information about the suspect, members of the Internal Security Forces’ Office for Drug Control in Saida closed in on his apartment in Zebdine, Nabatieh on July 9th, and detained him.

Upon his interrogation, the 43-year-old Lebanese national, identified as “M.K.,” admitted to abusing narcotic pills in addition to cocaine and cannabis.

In addition, drug control personnel searched his house and discovered that he had been actively growing magic mushrooms, which is an unprecedented occurrence in Lebanon, the ISF said in a statement.

This mushroom contains the psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound, psilocybin, which distorts its user’s perception of reality and induces “trippy” visual and auditory symptoms that can last several hours.

The suspect’s house, which only he had been regularly entering, was found to be equipped with air conditioning and ventilation equipment for the sole purpose of growing these illegal mushrooms.

Accordingly, the substances and the devices involved in their cultivation and manufacturing for illegal use were all seized.

However, the story did not end there.

Continued interrogation and investigations led the Drug Control Office to another residence, located in Shabriha, Tyre, that was being used as “a farm and laboratory for the pollination and preparation of magic mushrooms.” They were also seized.

The 32-year-old Palestinian national who had been manufacturing the hallucinogenic in this apartment, identified as R.H.M., admitted to having sold it to a large number of people in various Lebanese areas.

He was also responsible for supplying its seeds to the aforementioned M.K, as the latter admitted during his interrogation.

In conclusion, the General Directorate of the ISF warned citizens of “the danger of ingesting this plant and its negative consequences for human health and mind.”

*All images used in this article belong to the ISF.

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