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Majida El-Roumi Was Asked To Sing At Post-Blast Beirut Port, Here’s What She Said

Majida El-Roumi Was Asked To Sing At Post-Blast Beirut Port, Here's What She Said
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Lebanese singer Majida El-Roumi has revealed that she was asked to perform at the Port of Beirut shortly after the tragic August 4th explosion.

In an interview she gave at Egypt‘s royal Qubba Palace on Monday, the celebrated artist said that she was asked to sing in front of the destroyed Port only days after the deadly ammonium nitrate explosion had rocked Beirut.

“No way, I couldn’t. How could I?” she said, adding: “I was not able to speak, so how would I be able to be singing when the blood hadn’t dried up?”

“Even today, I do not have the energy and the courage to look at this place. I still hear people screaming in my conscience, I feel like there is anger in me capable of facing an army.”

Majida El-Roumi’s remarks about the Beirut Port proposal came a few days after she delivered a spectacular performance at the Qubba Palace, where she made an emotional speech about her country and people and shed tears as she sang for Beirut.

Emphasizing what she had said during the concert, El-Roumi stressed in the interview that the Lebanese people “deserve a decent life and the sovereignty, freedom, and independence of their country.”

She expressed confidence that these things will be achieved.

“Lebanon is an eternity old, and it will heal from those who betrayed it and regain its well-being,” she affirmed.

“We are an occupied country by its decision, and the day will come when [Lebanon] comes out of this occupation.”

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Majida El-Roumi Was Asked To Sing At Post-Blast Beirut Port, Here's What She Said

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