Major Father-Son Crime Duo Await Trial in The Netherlands Following Extradition From Lebanon

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The infamous Dutch Criminal Mink Kok and his comparatively more discrete son-in-law Najim Z. were arrested and detained in Lebanon in the Spring, shortly before being extradited to the Netherlands. 

Following the father’s arrest in Beirut for large-scale trafficking in drugs, the two were transferred to the Netherlands by aircraft under the supervision of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee in late June.

The extradition of the two aims to hold the duo criminally liable for their involvement in the transport of hundreds of kilograms of cocaine from South America to the Netherlands.

Specifically, they are alleged to have played a central role in two trafficking instances, in which 750 and 840 kilos of cocaine were intercepted in the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam– or more than 2 million dollars worth of product. 

The public prosecution suspects both men for their involvement in large-scale international drug trafficking. This allegation is based on intercepted PGP messages from crypto communications.

The two are awaiting trial for their involvement.

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