Lebanon’s Favorite Tawouk Restaurant Is Going International!

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Who doesn’t enjoy the one-of-a-kind taste of Malak Al-Tawouk? It’s the go-to Lebanese sandwich in Lebanon, and it will soon be for the Parisians.

Why? Because It has been Lebanon’s favorite Tawouk restaurant across the country for as long as we can remember. People just love it and relish in that it brings our most popular cuisine with quick service, freshness, and generosity.

Malak Al-Tawouk has been a favorite of the Lebanese and visitors to Lebanon who got the change to savor its food; from fries, chicken Tawouk, and chicken liver, to makanek sandwiches.

But that’s not only what makes this place so popular.

It’s fun and out-of-the-norm with modern twists to both its sandwiches and their names that are so multilingual e-style Lebanese: Tawouk 3ajebne, Rou2 ya Clint, Tawouk Chalfatne, and the likes.

This Lebanese fast-food chain has managed somehow to get engraved in our culture. Wherever you are in Lebanon, you’ll always find a Malak Al-Tawouk branch.

And now, it’s expanding to France, opening soon its Parisian branch on 92 Rue René Boulanger.

Image captured by Youssef Abdelmassih

And, naturally, the Lebanese in France are so excited about it that they took to Twitter to express it and share the news.

All Lebanese abroad miss the feel of their homeland; from food to culture, and this Lebanese gem is now going to bring just that to the diaspora in Paris and make them feel like they’re back home.

Even people in Lebanon, who are not traveling to Paris, got excited about it!

Who wouldn’t be? Our favorite Lebanese franchise is going international!