7 Malls & Shopping Centers That Are Now Open In Lebanon

Lebanon's City Mall Just Closed Until Further Notice
City Centre Mall

Lebanon has officially allowed the mass reopening of malls and shopping centers nationwide after ordering their closure since the beginning of the outbreak.

Here’s a list of some of the malls which have announced their reopening along with sharing some of the safety measures they intend to take.

#1 ABC Lebanon

ABC has announced that it will open daily between 10 AM to 10 PM starting on June 1st. They have promised to take precautions to ensure the safety of shoppers and employees.

The employees will have their temperature checked, and wear face masks. There will be regular disinfection in the mall, fitting rooms, and displayed merchandise. Moreover, all items tried on will be disinfected before going back on display.

They urge shoppers to wear face masks, as it is mandatory. Before entry, visitors will have their temperature checked. The mall has also placed hand sanitizers at cash desks, customer service, escalators, and elevators. Shoppers will be required to maintain social distancing of 2 meters from each other.

Finally, ABC Lebanon has suspended some services to avoid spreading the virus, such as baby feeding rooms, playgrounds, movie theaters, prayer rooms, valet services, and more.

#2 Le Mall Dbayeh

LeMall Dbayeh is opening its restaurants and shops on June 1st between 10 AM and 8 PM. It has installed a sterilization gate at the entry through which everyone entering the mall must pass. Hand sanitizer dispensers have also been placed near entrances and escalators.

The mall has made wearing face masks mandatory (for shoppers and employees). Visitors must also get their temperature checked and stay two meters away from others. LeMall has placed footmark stickers in several locations to ensure the social distancing is maintained.

Finally, the mall has indicated that all “touchpoints” will be sanitized by professionals every hour. This includes washrooms, baby-care facilities, customer service desks, escalators, elevators, handrails, door handles, elevator buttons, etc.

#3 Citymall

Citymall will open with similar precautions such as mandatory face masks, temperature checks, and keeping the cinema and prayer rooms closed.

In addition, the mall has stated that it will refuse entry for kids below 3 and elders above 70.

#4 City Centre

City Centre will be opened between 10 AM to 7 PM. Prior to entry, temperature checks will ensue. Face masks are mandatory, as well as social distancing.

They urge everyone to keep distance while using escalators. They have included footstep sticker circles in the mall to ensure the safe distancing. The mall requests also that shoppers don’t exceed a 3-hour visit time.

Finally, City Centre will not open its changing rooms, entertainment outlets, cinemas, and payer rooms.

#5 Carrefour

Carrefour has announced that it will be open between 8 AM and 10 PM to meet its customers’ needs.

Safety measures have not been specific, but it is now mandatory in Lebanon to wear face masks. People who do not comply can get a fine of 50,000 LL.

#6 Centro Mall

Unlike most malls that will open on June 1st, Centro Mall will open on June 2nd.

Centro Mall will follow the same safety measures as the other malls, such as urging face masks be worn, checking the temperature at the mall entrance, maintaining a social distancing of 2 meters, and placing hand sanitizer dispensers at the mall entrances and customer service desks.

The mall will be open between 10 AM and 7 PM.

#7 The Spot Lebanon

The Spot shopping center in Choueifat and Saida are opening daily, starting June 1st from 10 AM to 7 PM.

They will implement regular disinfection of all merchandise and fitting rooms after each use, temperature checks at mall entrances, and the mandatory wearing of face masks.

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