Armed Man Held Hostage Bank Employees And Customers In Bekaa


A depositor in a bank in the town of Jib Jennine in West Bekaa detained dozens of employees and customers when the bank refused him to withdraw a certain amount from his account.

The citizen, who is from the town of Kefraya, demanded to withdraw $50,000 from his account in the branch of Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries (BBAC).

When his request was rejected, he raised a military weapon and a bomb in front of the employees and poured gasoline through the bank, threatening to burn the place down and detonate the bomb if his request was not met.

The security forces rushed to the scene and sought to resolve the issue peacefully through negotiation.

The armed depositor then surrendered after receiving his money.

The Lebanese people have been enduring a long period of capital control imposed by the banks, and many have become desperate for their money amidst hyperinflation.

People have been relentlessly protesting these past weeks in front of the Central Bank and government institutions demanding the release of their money and justice against those responsible for the financial collapse of the country.

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Armed Man Held Hostage Bank Employees And Customers In Bekaa

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