Man Who Flogged His Minor Son In Lebanon Got Arrested

Al Mashareq

The Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) announced today, Wednesday, that they arrested a father after investigating intel that he brutally abused his minor son in Shawaliq-Jezzine. 

The ISF raided the family’s house, arresting the father M. B. (a Syrian national, born 1985), and documented with pictures the traces and effects of torture and abuse on the 13-year-old son (A.B., born 2009)

The father confessed during his interrogation to flogging his son with a water hose. 


The legal requirement was carried out against the father based on the reference of the pertinent judiciary.

Child abuse cases, as well as domestic violence, are being more and more exposed lately by civil society, reporting the crimes to authorities, and even using the internet and their individual mobile phones to expose abusers.

Just last week, security forces arrested an abuser in the Bekaa after a video had spread on social media of him beating several children who work on the agricultural land he supervises. 

Also last week, activists circulated a video showing a domestic violence scene of a husband beating his wife, which sparked outrage and people demanding that he be held accountable.

Similarly today, videos of an old woman being repeatedly beaten in her home in Beirut are going viral as people are demanding immediate intervention by the authorities.

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