Lebanese Man Came Up With A Genius Way To Combat The Hike In Fuel Prices

Ahmad Al Safadi

With the global hike in petrol prices and the economic crisis in Lebanon, refilling fuel has become almost impossible.

The Sidon native, Ahmad Al Safadi, used his repairman skills to come up with the genius idea of transforming his car into an electric car.

Ahmad has installed motorcycle batteries into his car and a solar panel above the car’s roof. The panel charges the batteries while parked or when driving.

No more hassles to fill his car with fuel and no more waiting hours in queues for Ahmad. As he said, he can just relax around a cup coffee while his car charges, and “for free.”

This ingenious initiative has caused a bluster of comments on social media, where users are excited and cheering for this brilliant accomplishment.

Ahmad’s innovative creation proves the famous resilience of the Lebanese people who always manage to find a way to keep going whatever harsh the conditions may be.

Will Lebanon see more cars like Al Safadi’s as the fuel prices keep hiking?