Man Arrested In Lebanon For Sexually Blackmailing His Ex-Lover

Man Arrested In Lebanon For Sexually Blackmailing His Ex-Lover
ISF | Free-Photos/ Pixabay

Lebanese security forces have arrested a person accused of sexually blackmailing his former lover.

The Internal Security Forces (ISF) recently received a report on its website from a woman who had fallen victim to blackmail involving threats to publicly share inappropriate photos and videos of her.

In her testimony, the woman said the person who was blackmailing and threatening her used to be in a relationship with her.

Following investigations into the incident, the suspect in question was reached and detained by a patrol of the Cybercrime and Intellectual Property Bureau, according to a statement issued by the ISF on Wednesday.

He confessed to having shared photos and videos of the complainant via WhatsApp, adding that he did so after she asked him to end the relationship. The detainee was referred to the competent judicial authority.

In light of this incident, the ISF has reiterated its request to people to not take inappropriate photographs or videos of themselves under any circumstance and under any form of pressure.

In case a person does fall victim to similar cases of blackmail, he or she should not hesitate to report the incident to security forces.

Recent estimates have pointed out that sexual blackmail cases recorded in Lebanon soared by more than 300% over the past year.

Sextortion cases targeting minors have also risen by a whopping 700% in the same period, according to the ISF.

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