A Man Is Being Charged For Threatening To Poison Animals In Lebanon

A Man Is Being Prosecuted For Threatening To Poison Animals In Lebanon

A man has been referred to environmental prosecution in Lebanon for threatening to poison animals, the National News Agency (NNA) reported on Monday.

The man, identified as M.S., had threatened in a documented audio-recording to poison cats and dogs in the town of Saraaine Tahta.

As a result, the governor of Baalbek-Hermel, Bachir Khodor, referred the case to the environmental prosecutor, because it constitutes a violation of animal welfare laws in Lebanon, according to the NNA.

The Governor instructed the said town’s municipality employees to act and take the necessary measures in the case.

The move came after Khodor was sent the audio recording via Twitter, along with a call to action against M.S.

It’s worth noting that the defendant had previously poisoned several cats and dogs.

Anyone who causes harm to animals in Lebanon could face prison time and/or a fine of up to $13,000, according to the Animal Protection Law passed in the country back in August 2017.

Shortly after its approval, the law was put to the test when stray dogs were poisoned in southern Beirut, sparking public outrage.

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