Father Who Was Found Alive At Sea After 30 Hours Of Beirut Explosion Just Passed Away

Facebook | Hasan Shaaban/Bloomberg

After the blast last Tuesday, many people were reported missing. It took some hours before people could locate their family members at different hospitals scattered across Beirut. Unfortunately, many still remain missing.

It was soon reported that the bodies of victims who were on the scene were lost at sea.

Miraculously, one port worker, Amine Al Zahid, was found alive 30 hours after the explosion. It must have been glorious news for his family. However, his wife and two children never got to see him before he was pronounced dead.

According to The National, his family wasn’t aware of his whereabouts until five days after he went missing. They only knew where he was by Monday when doctors at the Al Zahra hospital called them to tell them he has died.

“We received a call from the hospital yesterday and they asked us to go and collect his body. Right now we are going to bury him in Al Shuhada graveyard,” said his family.

Al Zahid was brought in by an ambulance to Al Zahra hospital on Sunday, an official at the hospital said.

“He was already dead when we received his corpse. I cannot confirm what caused his death but he had a serious head injury,” he said.

But where was he between the time he was rescued until he died? This remains a mystery.

“I know him. He is missing. His family is searching for him everywhere and can’t find him,” wrote @fada_dxb commenting to @the961buzz‘s Instagram post about Al Zahid being alive.

His family had visited every hospital looking for him to no avail. So where was he?

And most importantly, why wasn’t he immediately taken to a hospital and why wasn’t his family informed?