Man2oushe Ranked Among The Best-Rated Dishes in The World

TasteAtlas is a project dedicated to marking down, preserving, and promoting local ingredients, traditional recipes, and authentic restaurants.

Their database contains about 10,000 entries of dishes and ingredients. Their main mission is to mark down the world’s dishes and ingredients, to save grandmothers’ traditional recipes from oblivion.

It also aims to encourage travelers to familiarize themselves with different cultures through high-quality, authentic, and local food.

The Lebanese Man2oush had its place in the top 100 best-rated foods worldwide, according to TasteAtlas

With a rating of 4.3, the delicious ‘Lebanese pizza’ obtained international recognition following the Indonesian ‘Satay’ and followed by Italian ‘Risotto’.

Mankousheh is a popular Lebanese food consisting of dough topped with thyme, cheese, or ground meat. Similar to a pizza, it can be sliced or folded, and it can be served either for breakfast or lunch.

The word Manakish is the plural of the Lebanese word Man2ousheh (from the root verb ‘Na2asha’ ‘to sculpt, carve out’). That means that after the dough has been rolled flat, it is pressed by the fingertips to create little dips for the topping to lie in. 

When you say Man2oushe, you immediately think of thyme or ‘Zaatar’ in Lebanese. It is the main ingredient of the classic Man2oushe alongside olive oil and vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppermint leaves, and olives. 

Another version of the Lebanese delicacy is the ‘Man2oushe Bi Jebne’. Delicious and melted cheese tops the dough with a pinch of salt and hot pepper. 

‘Man2oushe Bi Kishk‘ is also another alternative of the Lebanese Man2oushe. 

Tips for eating Manakish:

  • The perfect drink that goes with Manakish is the Pyramidal Bonjus Ananas Juice (also known as ‘3asir Haram’)
  • Dipping the Man2oushe in Labneh is also an amazing way to enjoy your meal, especially on breakfast. 
  • If you are a chili fan, adding hot pepper or hot oil to the Man2oushe is literally heaven. 
  • Manakish are basically dough, it can make you gain weight in a horrible way so be careful.
  • Having a Man2oushe for breakfast means you are not having lunch.

Bon Appetit!

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