This Manoush Vending Machine Is Revolutionizing The Lebanese Fast Food Scene

AkelTech is an Automatic Restaurant Business, convenient in proximity, speed, and hygiene while keeping affordable prices. This revolutionary startup was founded by a team of young Lebanese and UAE-Based engineers.

The machines are first designed in Lebanon using components purchased from the European Union. Then, the machines are assembled in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The main principles of this Lebanese-regional startup are to use machines’ intuitiveness, and new technologies to manufacture and program them.

AkelTech was founded by Abed El Kader Jawhar, Hadi Boustani, and Dana Khaiwi.

The CEO Abed El Kader Jawhar is a graduate of the American University of Beirut (AUB). Hadi Boustani is the Chief Technology Officer, holder of a degree from Technische Universität Berlin. Dana Khaiwi is an Urban Planning Graduate from Al-Hosn University.

Both Jawhar and Boustani graduated in mechanical engineering. They designed AkelTech’s first innovation, creating the electronic machine Thyme Tastic, which makes the inscription as requested by the customer and delivers it at the touch of a button.

This modern and futuristic machine first started by making the manoush inspired by Italy’s Pizza making machines, to bring the za’atar taste to the world, especially for the Middle-Easterns who long for Lebanese food.

AkelTech’s new fast food machine, Bite Now, is also inspired by the same context but offers a wider set of items, including the manoush in its variety of za’atar, cheese, and keshek, as well as pizzas, and even desserts.

The two machines operate by having cartridges rubbing in the machine to cook according to the customer’s selection.

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