Map Of Beirut Helps You Find Places According To Your Mood!

Do you feel that you want to go out, but you have no idea where to go? Well, there’s a map of Beirut that can suggest you places according to your mood! Bahil Ghurbil, a British-Lebanese, invented a map called


that helps you find places that suit your vibe. All you have to do is insert your mood, and the map will immediately suggest you restaurants, pubs, cultural centers, and many more places that you will find pleasant. What is also cool about this map is that it presents historical facts about the main streets of Beirut. So, you can learn about the Tramway of Beirut while looking for a cool place to chill. Zawarib also has mobile apps on the

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that can guide you in Beirut! The design is attractive, and there are many useful features for those who want to discover the hidden gems of this city! Ghurbil came up with the concept when he moved to Lebanon. He noticed that Lebanese people do not use formal addresses to indicate a place; instead, they use landmarks or famous stores. After having trouble with navigating in Beirut, Ghurbil created several detailed maps that can help foreigners walk around the city and discover Beirut in depth. The maps were created with the help of the municipalities and local people. Their design is attractive and aim at making the experience of walking in Beirut easier and more pleasant. Also, he cooperated with the Lebanese Ministry of Public Works and Transport and created a bus map! Zawarib has also different kinds of maps that can serve many purposes: neighborhood delivery, wall map for schools, treasure hunt maps for scouts, and much more. Who knew that navigating round Beirut can be easy?

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