Mar Moussa Lebanon in 15 Amazing Photos

Mar Moussa is a town in Lebanon in the Metn District of Mount Lebanon Governorate. 


It is 25 km from Beirut at an altitude ranging between 900 and 1,150 metres (2,950 and 3,770 ft) above sea level.

In 1753, a group of Lebanese monks built the monastery of Mar Moussa Al-Habshi over the remains of an old Roman sanctuary.

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In later years, migrant families from near and far villages and towns settled in the area, where they were employed to cultivate the monastery’s lands.

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Gradually, the community grew into the village called Mar Moussa Ed-Douar.


With government financial assistance in the 1950s, the resident farmers gained ownership of the territory and began expanding the village.

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Since then, many villa compounds and houses have been built in the surrounding area, which is full of the famous Lebanese pine trees.


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Mar Moussa Ed-Douar weather is a typical Lebanese one. In summer, it is hot yet nice and fresh, and in winter, snowfalls and heavy winds.

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The village is popular among the youth. It is a beautiful spot for camping and bike rides.

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Pine trees always add an enchanting atmosphere to the landscape. Pine forests are endangered in our country, and it should be our duty to preserve them and villages like Mar Moussa Ed-Douar.

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The rural area became quite popular in the last couple of years. This follows the increased development of residential projects and investments.

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This amazing typical Lebanese village is only 25 minutes away from Beirut.

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