A March For Opposition MPs In Beirut Under “We’ll Not Forget August 4, 2020”


In conjunction with the parliament’s first session after the elections, the families of the Beirut Blast victims organized a march from Beirut Port down to Nejmeh Square, where today’s session was held.

A number of “Opposition” MPs participated in this march, including Elias Jaradi, Marc Daou, Halima Kaakour, Paula Yacoubian, and Najat Saliba, in addition to a number of citizens and activists.

Bilal Hussein / AP

This march is meant as a message that calls upon the Opposition MPs to remove the Beirut Blast investigation from political quarrels and to press for the implementation of arrest warrants for the suspects and for the waiver of their immunities.

This march will cross the streets of Beirut, which witnessed the October 17 Revolution and all the violent confrontations that were practiced against the protesters. Among them, was the MP-Elected Revolutionary Firas Hamdan.

Bilal Hussein / AP

In this context, the fist of the Revolution was re-lifted in Martyrs’ Square opposite Al-Amin Mosque, to emphasize that the Lebanese Revolution is still on until the demands of the people are met.

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