Young Lebanese Expat Wins 1st Place In Films Commentary Contest


The imprint of Lebanese pride and success accompanies them wherever they go, and the stories of expatriates differ from their country which has disappointed many of them.

Among the various success stories, is that of Maria Nasr, who participated in a competition launched by the “Cinema Pour Tous” association and where she won 1st place to be highlighted at the Cannes Film Festival.

Maria Nasr was asked to comment on a film of her choice with 30 sentences and justify why she was affected by it. The 21-year-old chose the movie “Papicha”, which deals with religious extremism in Algeria, which particularly affected women and their work.

It is remarkable that Maria Nasr, in her commentary, recalled Lebanese life in her own way.

“This film reminded her of herself and the thousands of young men and women who live in a struggle today between survival and facing the system that inflicts huge losses on them, including their future, and emigration to escape the tragic reality in search of a better future,” she stated.

She continued her comment by saying that the film’s images seemed so familiar to her that she felt like she was watching “the movie of her life.”

This law student in Paris indicated in an interview with the LBCI that the film urged her to make the final decision to leave Lebanon in September 2020.

That is about a year after the outbreak of the October 17 Revolution, and shortly after the Beirut Blast on August 4, 2020, which incited her decision.

She expressed her regret at what Lebanon has become, compared to the countries of expatriation that embrace the Lebanese community, especially Lebanese students, and open doors for them to new opportunities lacking in their homeland.

The young expat hopes that one day she will return to a new country that provides her and her friends with what is their most basic rights.

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