Trump’s Ex-Wife Just Praised Her Daughter’s Lebanese Boyfriend Michael Boulos

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Marla Maples has publicly shared pride for her daughter Tiffany Trump’s ‘wise’ boyfriend Michael Boulos, mentioning he is ‘like a son’ to her, while proudly circulating footage of him cheering President Donald Trump’s impact on the Middle East. 

On The Left: A screenshot of Maple’s Instagram story

The 57-year-old actress took to her Instagram Stories on November 4th to post videos of a news interview with Michael, the 23-year-old heir to the multi-billion dollar Lebanese-Nigerian conglomerate Boulos Enterprises.  

“So proud of this young wise one who is like a son to me,” Marla wrote about the Lebanese boyfriend of her daughter Tiffany who just turned 27 on October 13th.

“He loves this country so much,” Marla said.


In the clips, Michael, a Lebanese born in Lebanon and raised in Nigeria, which is home to the family business, proclaims his admiration for President Trump’s work and visions when it comes to wanting to give the people a ‘choice’ and to bring back jobs to the U.S. 

“He wants to bring jobs back to the U.S. He wants to invest in the U.S. He wants to lower taxes. He wants to give people the choice and freedom…” Michael said enthusiastically.

“He passed the right to try. He’s going against the big tech companies who have such a big influence on us today. He’s going against big pharma. The list is endless and endless,” he said.

Michael also praised Donald Trump’s efforts in the Middle East: “We have seen what he’s done in the region of the Middle East. I mean, four historic peace deals in the past two, three months. This is unheard of for the past 25 years. There has not been one peace deal between any nation in that region.”

Michael and Tiffany, Trump’s youngest daughter, have been dating for over a year after meeting in Greece at a party hosted by actress Lindsay Lohan. They have been together since then, and one of the paparazzi’s favorite couples.

Michael currently runs the family business, Boulos Entreprises and SCOA, established by his father Massaad in Nigeria, and which is known for its highly successful multi-billion-dollar businesses.

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