These Are The 39 People Who Won The All-Inclusive Trip To Lebanon This Year

Back in September, we


that the Maronite Academy is offering Lebanese Christians living abroad the opportunity to experience Lebanon for 2 weeks. This year, 39 people with Lebanese heritage have been selected to attend the Maronite Academy.

All their costs will be covered, including their round-trip flights, accommodation, food, transportation and all the tourist/religious/entertainment spots that are part of the program, and transportation. For most, it will be the first time they visit Lebanon. Many of whom come from families who haven’t had a connection to Lebanon for generations. But yet, still have an eager desire to reconnect to Lebanon.

These are the youth of Lebanese descent who have won the trip:


  • Alexia Fatima Nasif
  • María Mónica Daniela Amin
  • Ana Florencia Apud


  • Daniel Harb
  • Jana Chalhoub
  • Wadett Semaan
  • Renee Roumanos
  • Elham Moubarak
  • Eddie Moujalli
  • Charbel El-Khaissi


  • Melissa Elias Zamorano
  • Eliana Pereyra Alam


  • Dayanne Garcia
  • Eduardo Hawatt Filho
  • Natália Moreira


  • Jospeh Sidaoui
  • Mark Tamer
  • Dominique Soffee
  • Anthony Matar
  • Sandy Rita Tannouri
  • Mélissa Mélodie Ibrahim
  • Ralph Abou-Chedid
  • Jessica Bouzeid
  • Tamara Azzam
  • Carine Youssef


  • Rafaa Salwa Giorgina Georges Quintin

Dominican Republic

  • Pauline Marie Zaiter Tahan


  • Miguel Barciona


  • Giorgos Mousa


  • José Antonio Stefanoni Abdala
  • Zamira Canaan Ceron
  • Marlen Abdel Massih Hage

South Africa

  • Richard Chemaly


  • Nadia Abimorad


  • Denisse Joniaux
  • Maya Khoury
  • Zeina Akl
  • Amanda Jereige
  • Elie Khalil
  • Francesca Rodriguez Sawaya


  • Joyce Jeitani El Maaraoui

Congratulations to all the winners and get ready for an experience of a lifetime!

The Maronite Academy will take place from August 5 to the 20th. We will try our best to live broadcast the conferences on The961. For more information about the Maronite Academy, check out their



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