These are the 34 people who won the all-inclusive trip to Lebanon this year!

Back in October, we 


 that the Maronite Academy is offering Lebanese Christians living abroad the opportunity to experience Lebanon for two weeks. This year, 34 people of Lebanese descent have been selected to attend the Maronite Academy.

An initiative undertaken by the Maronite Foundation, the academy aims to bring Lebanese expats closer to their roots and to make them feel proud of their culture. The summer program of 2018 will take place from August 4 until August 19! It’s a 2-week trip around Lebanon that includes lectures and visits to important sites.

The Maronite Academy will cover everything: round-trip flights, accommodation, food, admission to all the tourist/religious/entertainment spots that are part of the program, and transportation. During these two weeks, the participants will attend lectures at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK). The panelists and the guest speakers will give a clear insight of Lebanon’s history. Also, they will visit religious, historical, and cultural sites!

These are the youth of Lebanese descent who have won the trip:


  • Daniel Avena
  • Gabriela María Assaf
  • Anabella Parané


  • Rita Nicolas
  • Ashleigh Habkouk
  • Anthony Chebaia
  • Peter-Louie Boutros
  • Adella Beaini
  • Tania Saba
  • Christine Nader
  • James Estephan


Jhonny Dipp


Letícia Delgado


  • Mariana Merhej
  • Nancy Bechaalani
  • Christopher Dagher
  • Rachel Frem
  • Jessica Khalil
  • Serina Gabriel Khater Khater


  • Maria Jose Monge
  • Isabel Chediak


  • Marc Wakim
  • Patricia Moussalem
  • Sarah Mahfouz
  • Benjamin Derrar


  • Paulina Delgado
  • Salma Saab Bitar

South Africa

  • Odette Manachi
  • Tanna Rahme


  • Maribelle Assaad Boutros
  • Janny Eid
  • George Saadi
  • Zachary Hatem
  • Celine Asmar

Watch these videos to get a glimpse of this exiting adventure!

Part 1Part 2

For more information about the Maronite Academy, check out their 



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