Maronite Patriarch Accused Lebanon’s Politicians Of Thinking Only Of Their Own Vested Interests

Reuters/Mohamed Azakir | The Daily Star/Mahmoud Kheir

In a sermon on Sunday, July 5th, Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Rai, accused politicians of selfishness and “thinking only of their own vested interests,” reported Reuters.

Referring to the failing negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Cardinal Al-Rai said, “It appears politicians want to hide their responsibility in emptying the treasury and not enact any reforms.”

He added that political officials lack both the courage and freedom “to meet and find ways out of the suffering.”

Last month, he urged politicians to “feel the pain” and suffering of the Lebanese who are hungry and fear for their presents and futures, reported Catholic News Service.

His messages are loud and clear, he does not stand in support of the current Cabinet, backed by President ’s Free Patriotic Movement and -backed .

He also sent recently a strong message of encouragement to the youth of , saying:

“We call on our young people to remain united and in solidarity, since the Church with all its institutions is at their side with social, educational and food initiatives. We remind you that with our firm faith we can win and save ourselves, our nation, and our future on your land.”

In his Sunday sermon, he also urged President Aoun to take action, which is frankly long-awaited.

Another top Christian cleric, head of the Greek Orthodox community, Archbishop Elias Audi, had also a sharp remark to blast at the Lebanese politicians on Sunday.

Addressing them, he scolded them, saying: “Do you sleep comfortably at night while those under your care starve, and die of thirst and by suicide?”

It is as if the increase in suicides that should sound the alarm bells for politicians seems like nothing but a faint noise from the distance.

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