Maronite Patriarch Warned About Sabotaging The Lebanese Presidency Post

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Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi warned that the failure to elect a new president would be an act of sabotage to undermine the main post.

He expressed concern that the fate of presidential election sessions will continue to be linked to “consensus.”

Back in mid-September, the Parliament Speaker, Nabih Berri, had stated that there should be “some sort of consensus” for the election of the president of the republic.

On September 29th, a parliament session took place yet failed to elect a president, prompting Nabih Berri to declare that he will call for another session once an agreement and consensus are reached among the MPs on a president.

In his Sunday Mass sermon, the Maronite Patriarch said, “We continue to pray for the election of a president. How can a parliament consider vacuum as being the possible option and election to be impossible?”

“If MPs don’t rebel against themselves and elect a sovereign president, the people must not be blamed if they rebel against them,” he added.

Lebanon’s Parliament Failed To Vote For A President.
There Will Be Another Attempt To Elect Lebanon’s President Within 2 Weeks.

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