Check out how the Martyrs’ Square looked like in 1992!

The Martyrs’ Square is located in the Central District of Beirut. It’s a region that is full of skyscrapers, modern buildings, and upscale stores and restaurants. However, it looked drastically different 25 years ago. This area was heavily affected by the Lebanese civil war, and the Martyr’s Square was an empty, almost haunted, place. The

Martyrs’ monument

 commemorates the martyrs who spoke against the Ottoman rule in 1916. They were executed at the orders of the ruler Jamal Pasha. The statue was inaugurated in 1960 by the late President Fouad Chehab. The statue was at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) in 1996 where experts were renovating it. The whole process took approximately seven months. However, the sculpture stayed at USEK eight years until it was moved back to its initial place. The bullet holes were left visible on the sculpture to serve as a reminder of the historical events.

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