Massari Just Attended the Lebanese Solidarity Protest in Los Angeles

Lebanese expatriates in Los Angeles just held a solidarity protest, in the aim to support the people in Lebanon who have been protesting for 12 consecutive days. About 3 thousand people attended this protest in Downtown L.A., including the famous Lebanese-Canadian singer Massari, along with Battle Wrapper Icon MrDizaster. To note, Rony Seikaly participated in the Miami Lebanese Protest, and Christine Said in the San Fransisco Lebanese Protest.


Via Silvana Kordab

During this protest, the Lebanese flag was everywhere in sight and Lebanese songs like ‘Lebnan rah yerjaa’ and ‘teslam ya aaskar lebnan’ were playing. Protesters cheered for the revolution and the unity of Lebanese people; there was also some zalaghit in the ambiance.

So to describe it accurately, the protest in L.A. wasn’t unlike the protests in Lebanon. People had fun singing and dancing, and chanting for the revolution and the fall of the government.


They even joined each other hand in hand to perform the Lebanese folklore of dabke. It was a Lebanese revolution indeed, keeping in mind that Lebanese people in L.A. had previously held a solidarity protest on October 19.

Lebanese-Canadian singer Massari, joined the protesters in dabke to the rhythm of the drum, while everyone sang and applauded. Massari led the protest for a while, taking the time to share an amazing speech with protesters in Lebanon, Los Angeles, and all over the world.


He expressed his pride in the revolution and spoke for every Lebanese person in describing the struggles and pain everyone is going through. He concluded in a Lebanese rhymed cheer, calling for unity between the Lebanese of all religions, as well as showing support for the Lebanese army.

Throughout these 12 days of the revolution, Massari was indirectly part of the protests in Lebanon. His presence was brought by the Lebanese protesters’ sense of humor and creativity in designing banners. They used the name ‘Massari’,  which means ‘money’ in Lebanese, to express their demands.


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We thank everyone who was present in the Los Angeles’ protests for their dedication and support. They really summoned the Lebanese spirit, and it was great! Massari also wrote an amazing song of the Lebanese protests called ‘albeh nkasar’ (my heart broke). Check it out in the video below:


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