Massive Fires Broke Out Near Residential Areas In South Lebanon

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Large fires broke out in Tyre since dawn on Saturday, approaching residential areas.

As of the time of writing, the fires have destroyed vast agricultural forest lands. The strong wind has exacerbated the situation, posing a serious risk to residential areas within Tyre.

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Agriculture minister Abbas Hajj Hassan contacted the Lebanese Army, as well as the Interior Minister, the UNIFIL forces in the South, and the Ministry of Environment, requesting immediate assistance to help extinguish the fires in Wady Al-Aziyah, Zibqin, Al-Henya, Majdel Zoun, and Jeb Suwaid in Tyre.

Crews from the Ministry of Agriculture have been present in the areas after emergency calls from the mayors and municipalities.

The ministry also called out on active forces and anyone capable of quenching the flames.

Lebanese Civil Defense teams, first responder teams in the Disaster Management Unit of Al-Resala Health Ambulance Association, and the Islamic Health Authority continue their attempts to surround the fires and control them.

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Mortada Mhanna, head of the Disaster Management Unit in Tyre, reached out to the Lebanese Army and UNIFIL, asking for helicopters due to the difficult territory in which the fire is quickly spreading in all directions.

Lebanon had previously suffered from wildfires in 2019 and 2020. At this time of the year, forest areas witness extreme heatwaves, which results in massive wildfires amidst the absence of a fire-combatting plan that should be set by the government.

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Massive Fires Broke Out Near Residential Areas In South Lebanon

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