There’s A Massive Mural Of Fairuz In Beirut Now!

ASHEKMAN has been doing a lot of cool projects recently. From spray painting Grendizer on an old building’s wall in Ouzai to painting a

gigantic سلام (peace) in Beirut

, ASHEKMAN is drastically changing the art scene in Lebanon with its creative projects. Its recent artwork is the mural of Fairuz in Corniche Al Mazraa next to the Cola bridge. It pays tribute to the legendary Lebanese singer. ASHEKMAN posted this picture on


with the caption “نحن و الشمس جيران” (the sun and we are neighbors). It refers to Fairuz’s famous song “نحنا والقمر والجيران” (the moon and we are neighbors). So here is the final result: Also, we can clearly see the Calligraffiti on the mural, which is the famous signature of ASHEKMAN. The people who reside in this area will drink their morning coffee on their balconies while contemplating Fairuz, Lebanon’s sun.

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