Massive mural of a scene from the film West Beirut on the Green Line!

We all remember and love the classic Lebanese movie

West Beirut

. This famous film is about three children, Tarek, Omar, and May who are trying to live a normal childhood in a war-torn Beirut. The movie was directed by the famous Ziad Doueiri who also directed the award-winning film

The Insult

. Recently, the Lebanese street artist

Yazan Halwani

created a massive mural on the Noueiri building in Beirut which is located on the Green Line. The latter previously divided Beirut into two parts: Christian East and Muslim West. The mural depicts a scene from

West Beirut

where May, a Christian girl, and Tarek, a Muslim boy, are sharing cotton candy. This artwork reminds people of the division of Beirut and the Lebanese people. The artist imagines that the relationship of Tarek and May continues. However, without civil marriage in Lebanon, they cannot get married. Even 27 years after the civil war, there is a missing piece that is preventing true national cohesion. Yazan perfectly expresses his thoughts and beliefs through a mural that represents the atrocity of the conflict and the innocence of children during the war.

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