A Massive Protest Led By Former Officials Just Took Place In Beirut


On Friday, a massive anti-government protest, reminiscent of those of the October 17 Revolution, took place in Martyrs’ Square.

People proudly raised the Lebanese flag and Thawra songs blasted in the background. Revolutionaries and former military officers made speeches to voice the pain of the Lebanese people.

The protesters demanded a transitional government with “extraordinary jurisdiction” to save Lebanon, a government without shares for political parties.

While the October 17 revolutionaries demand a technocrat government, this protest does not.

The protest was called for by the recently formed National Civil Front represented by MP Gen. Chamel Roukoz and former Minister Charbel Nahhas.

Roukoz -who happens to be the son-in-law of President Michel Aoun- told MTV, “I have chosen the revolution to rise up against a political reality that has led the country to the current situation.”

From Martyrs’ Square, he spoke about the reforms that must be made in the failed state (run by his father-in-law). “We must reform the judiciary, reactivate the supervisory bodies, and open all questionable files.”

He referred to files such as those of the banking, electricity and educational sectors, the Central Bank, Ogero, oil fields, the port, maritime property, and more.

As promised, I assure everyone that I will fight until my last breath so that Lebanon remains as the country of people, freedom, and civilization.

Chamel Roukoz in Martys’ Square

Will people of the revolution trust and join these politicians in their uprising against the government? Or will they continue their own revolution?

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