Mawtoura D’or Awards Is Not Your Typical Award Ceremony! Get Ready To LOL!

There are lots of artistic awards in the world: the Academy Awards, the MTV Movie & TV Awards… People eagerly wait for the day that these ceremonies will be displayed on TV to look at the fancy dresses and support their favorite artists. Mawtoura created a unique award: the Mawtoura D’or Awards. It’s not a huge ceremony, rather, it’s a video that cracks you up. It criticizes Lebanese actors, TV hosts, reporters, singers, shows… basically, everyone who fell victim to the Lebanese sense of humor. La 3ème Nuit des Mawtoura D’or is finally here!

Some of this year’s awards

– The award for the Best Marketing for Jean Obeid goes to the one and only Layla Abdel Latif.

– The Best Minister of Tourism in Armenia goes to Avedis Guidanian after he chose Armenia over Lebanon.

– The Best Survivor Award goes to Ragheb Alama.

– The Best Song for Children Award goes to Myriam Klink. Her provocative music video that included a child was banned.

A combination of criticism and a great sense of humor, we’ll certainly wait for the Mawtoura D’or Awards every year!

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