Lebanese Mayyas Group Steals The Show Again On Arabs Got Talent

Lebanese dance group Mayyas and winner of the golden buzzer on Arabs Got Talent (AGT) just made their second performance, and it’s nothing short of extraordinary!

The all-female crew had a lot to live up to after their first audition earned them Najwa Karam’s golden buzzer. And the amazing ladies delivered!

Comprised of over 30 young girls and ladies, the exquisite group performs complex and intricate dance numbers set to unique Arab-Eastern musical fusions.

This Saturday’s performance saw over 30 women dancing in harmonious rhythm to a mixed Arab-Indian piece.

The impeccable act stole the show and earned the group a lengthy standing ovation from the judges and studio audience alike.

Najwa Karam went on to praise the group, insisting the two of them should collaborate on a project soon.

For his part, Ali Jaber, who had said he ‘was proud to be Lebanese’ upon witnessing the act the first time around, touched this time upon a very important aspect of the crew’s production.

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Jaber spoke of the lack of backing and support on an official level in Lebanon. He commended the crew on their initiative and reiterated his pride in them as a fellow Lebanese.

The show’s third judge Ahmad Hilmi compared Mayyas to an intricate meal, ‘a feast for the eyes’, with exquisite ingredients one simply cannot comprehend.

He praised the group on their variety, joining Najwa Karam in her request for a collaboration with the coveted young stars.

In their first audition, Mayyas performed an expressive dance that mixed Chinese folklore with oriental music to the melodies of Umm Kulthum: Inta Omri. (You’re my life).

This time around, the group performed an Arab-Indian mix. They were joined by their leader Nadim Cherfan, the Lebanese choreographer who brought the ladies together and continues to coach them.

Arabs Got Talent recently entered its second round of elimination, with viewers now in charge of picking the winner. You can vote for Mayyas (or any other act) from across the globe. Their number is 45!

Watch the astonishing performance followed by the judges’ comments (in Arabic) below. (Tip: you’ll want to watch the ENTIRE dance):

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