8 Facts You Didn’t Know About Mazraat Meshref In South Lebanon

Reem Ezzedine

A small hidden village in the South of Lebanon, Mazraat Meshref perches 400 meters in altitude above sea-level and is enriched with telling histories of Lebanon’s past, while simultaneously being a hotspot for one of the UN’s projects.

Here are 8 facts you probably didn’t know about this small charming village in south Lebanon.

#1 Jesus Christ walked the village’s valley

Reem Ezzedine

Wadi Aashour is one of the valleys of Mazraat Meshref. It was a place where Jesus Christ used to pass through and dwell in its caves.

#2 The town carries the name of a historical personality

Reem Ezzedine

Mazraat Meshref was named after Prince Meshref who lived during the time of the Ottoman Empire which he resisted, consequently causing him to be hung by the Ottomans in Sidon’s Sea Castle.

#3 It’s home to historical dwellings

Reem Ezzedine

The house of Prince Meshref still stands strong to-date in the village. It was passed on to the Bishop after the death of the emir and renewed and remodeled.

#4 Mazraat Meshref is a Hotspot for a UNIFIL civil project

The village was one of the places where the UNIFIL decided to carry out a Civil Affairs and built a mini-football field, where the youth of the village can be united and practice and cultivate sports.

#5 It’s just 10 minutes away from the Biblical town of Qana


Mazraat Meshref is only a 10-minute drive (5.6KM) away from the Biblical village of Qana, where Jesus performed His first miracle by one of Qana’s famous caves.

#6 It has breathtaking views of the valleys in the south

Reem Ezzedine

#7 Outdoor lovers seek it for hiking

Reem Ezzedine

Mazraat Mechref is a place with astonishing (and safe) corners and crevices to hike.

#8 It’s home to traditional houses and architecture

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