McDonald’s in Beirut Got Fined for Violating Lockdown

McDonald's Ain Mreisseh | The Daily Star

Say goodbye to your Spicy McChicken.

The Internal Security Forces have already issued over 200 fines on Sunday, March 22nd.

Following a statement by Prime Minister Hassan Diab, security forces have taken strict measures to enforce lockdown in Lebanon. This will hopefully halt the spread of the coronavirus cases, which are increasing daily.

Due to not following the lockdown rules, the McDonald’s in Ain al-Mreisseh was fined 24 million Lebanese Pounds. That’s a lot of McFlurries.

The Daily Star/Hasan Shaaban

However, the ‘Mcdo’ branch was fined despite being open only for delivery – which was supposedly permitted.

In fact, it has only been two days and it already seems like fines are being written up rather randomly.

For example, someone in Kfarabida was fined for exercising alone. Another person in Anfeh was fined for riding a bicycle. How come other countries on lockdown allow people to go for walks or bike rides, while get charged for it?

Meanwhile, in the old souks of Tripoli, life is normal and crowds are gathering (as seen in pictures below) with no reports so far that they are getting fined.

ignoring lockdown protocol during coronavirus
Tripoli souks – Source: Unknown via WhatsApp

Social distancing and government’s orders don’t seem to be of concern to these people. While they need to continue working to provide for their family, health and safety at this critical stage should be the priority above everything.

ignoring lockdown protocol
Tripoli souks – Source: Unknown via WhatsApp

On the other hand, airport and seaport employees are still expected to show up for work to continue business as usual tasks (such as maintenance), despite being closed for business.

Amid all this, the Minister of Health still wants the Lebanese people to know that ‘there’s no need to panic’.

On a positive note, sticking to home meals is the best one can do at this stage when it comes to food consumption. After all, Lebanese cuisine is deliciously healthy.

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