McDonald’s In Sidon Was Just Attacked By Palestinian Groups

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In a recent turn of events, the branch of McDonald’s in Spinneys, Sidon was reportedly attacked by Pro-Palestinian groups.

The cause behind this attack is reportedly because McDonald’s Israel served meals to Israeli troops.

Following the protest that took place outside McDonald’s Saida, McDonald’s Lebanon confirmed to 961 News that there were no damages or injuries to report.

To address this, McDonald’s Lebanon issued the following statement: “McDonald’s Corporation is an international joint-stock company owned by millions of people around the world, including licensees and franchisees.

Mikas Food SAL is the sole Developmental Licensee of McDonald’s corporation in Lebanon and operates 100% under independent Lebanese management with all revenues belonging to Miknas Food SAL only.

The involvement of McDonald’s International is limited to trademark usage as well as systems and operational guidelines. McDonald’s Lebanon affirms that the position of other franchisees in other countries and territories does not represent the views or positions of McDonald’s Lebanon in any way and McDonald’s Lebanon is not involved whatsoever in the actions taken in other markets outside of Lebanon.

We are committed to our nation and its people with the utmost respect and solidarity.”

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