Showroom Of McLaren Cars Opened In Beirut!

McLaren Automotive is a British automaker that produces luxury and sports cars.

McLaren cars in Beirut!

The luxury cars have entered the market in Lebanon in September. In fact, the showroom opened in Downtown Beirut last month. According to the Executive Magazine, the brand has expanded its market in Beirut because the company saw the business potential that exists in the small Middle Eastern capital. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of McLaren Automotive Mike Flewitt mentioned in an interview that he sees Beirut as a luxury city where people are passionate about cars, mainly sports cars. The interest of Lebanese people was one of the reasons that made the company expand in Lebanon. In fact, car lovers in Lebanon, as well as in other regions in the Middle East, were importing McLaren cars from abroad. Now, they will be able to directly buy them from the showroom. The company is relatively young. However, it is expanding quickly and trusts the Lebanese market. The CEO of McLaren said that these cars were not designed for luxury purposes, they were produced for people who love driving. McLaren is also an environment-friendly car! In fact, its engine emits less CO2 than any other engine in the world. The company is also developing hybrid cars which use less fuel and emit less CO2. Currently, cars are available in the showroom. However, if the buyer wants to personalizes it, they might have to wait for six to nine months.

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