MEA Evacuation Tickets For Lebanese Abroad Are 4 Times the Cost of Regular Flights
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Middle East Airlines announced in a statement the plan created for the return of the Lebanese abroad, stating that tickets can cost up to $3900 for the return of the Lebanese in Africa on business class.

“Starting Sunday, April 5th 2020, at the request of the Lebanese government, the company will conduct successive trips to evacuate Lebanese expatriates and nationals abroad,” the statement indicated.

The flights will be in accordance with the conditions laid down by the Lebanese authorities. MEA will publish its flight schedules as soon as the required permissions are obtained from the countries from which the Lebanese will be evacuated.

“Those wishing to return to , and whose names are listed on the regulations prepared by the Lebanese embassies abroad, are asked to consult the MEA offices in the countries from which they will . Lebanese will be able to reserve their tickets from MEA offices.”

The Lebanese airlines reminded people that it is mandatory to fill out the required medical form issued by . The form is a condition for boarding and should be sent to the Lebanese Ministry of Health via email.

“It should be noted that the prices of flight tickets are at the price of the cost without any profit,” MEA explained. The airline reasoned that the cost of a seat on evacuation flights can reach 4 times the seat cost on regular flights.

MEA will be leaving without passengers, and the return to will require passengers to keep distance, which will result in half the number of seats empty.

“This is done to keep an acceptable distance between the passenger and the other. The measures are taken to observe the process and conditions of evacuation in light of the outbreak of .”

The price of one-way tickets to was determined in the first stage of evacuation as follows:

Business-classEconomy-classPrice of tickets to from
$1500$750Abu Dhabi

As for children under two years of age, 10% of the price of the card specified above will be met.

“The price of these cards is not refundable, especially once reservation and registration of names on evacuation flights are confirmed and final,” MEA explained; “it is impossible to cancel reservations because the number of travelers is related to the net cost of the trip without any profits.”

“We also remind our esteemed passengers that it is not possible to use the company cards previously issued on evacuation flights. These cards will be valid for use later on the flights of Middle East Airlines scheduled,” MEA concluded, wishing passengers a safe return.

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