A Medical Emergency Scene In Beirut’s Streets Leaves People In Shock (Video)

Johny Joseph Mounayer

A medical emergency scene in the streets of Lebanon left people stunned.

A group of health workers roamed the streets of Achrafieh, moving a patient, who looked struggling to stay alive on a mobile bed, from Rizk Hospital to Hotel Dieu.

On normal days in a healthy-functional country, that risky emergency transfer of a patient to another hospital is handled by an ambulance. But Lebanon hasn’t been living normal days.

Health workers following behind the transfer of the patient held banners with different statements, notably:

“The country is ill and is in need of medication.”

“No serum = No treatment.”

“There is no electricity = There is no hospital.”

“There is no fuel = There is no ambulance.”

As the video trended on social media, leaving people in shock, they soon realized that the scene was a dramatization act planned by health workers to emphasize the critical situation the medical sector has reached and how everybody will be affected.

A rude wake-up call meant for the Lebanese ruling body to urgently act, this form of protest comes as hospitals in Lebanon have reached the end of the rope with no fuel and no electricity, and the scarcity of meds, including serum and anesthesia.

Critical patients in hospitals are without their life-saving meds. Lack of power supply is shutting down essential medical machines. Ambulances are without fuel.

Hospitals are in darkness and unable to perform and save lives. Some have already stopped receiving and treating patients.

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A Medical Emergency Scene In Beirut's Streets Leaves People In Shock (Video)

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