Following A Mediterranean Diet Could Prevent You From Developing Dementia

Research done at the Weill Cornell Medicine Center in New York suggests that following a Mediterranean diet could prevent people from developing dementia, a disorder that is marked by a decline in mental ability.

The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s.

The researchers followed 70 patients over the course of three years and found that those who adopt a Western diet had a slow brain metabolism and showed signs of Alzheimer’s early.

Western-style food also increases plaques in the brain, which damages neurons. Dr. Lisa Mosconi, who is one of the researchers, conducted another experiment.

For three years, she monitored 116 patients who had no cognitive impairments and concluded that Western-style food shrinks the brain’s size.

To prevent dementia, middle-aged people should focus on improving their diets rather than exercising more or doing mental activities.

The reason why Mediterranean cuisine could prevent people from developing dementia is that it is high in antioxidants, which fight brain damage. This diet is full of proteins, fruits, vegetables, olive oil, wheat, and nuts.

Dementia could affect people as young as 30. However, Lebanese food is rich in healthy ingredients and has a limited amount of animal fats.

We also consume a lot of lemon and garlic which are the best two things to detox!


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